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"A necessary course for people who want to optimize their website"

If you already have or are going to update the WP Gold, this is the perfect course.

"A week after the workshop. I am number 5 and 9 in AltaVista and looksmart I don't think I need to say anymore about the workshop."

James Williams

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Save time and money

It's a very easy tool

Shortcuts and Advice

WP Gold's techniques that you will nowhere else find

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Search Engine Courses

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Course Description

What Will You Get With this Tutorial?

More About the Tutorial


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Day 7

Designed for those who work best on their own!

Course Description
Teach Yourself Search Engine Strategies in 7 Days
Self Directed Tutorial

  • Designed for those who work best on their own
  • 6 comprehensive lessons (Based on Workshop)
  • Complete in 7 days or take up to 15 weeks
  • Course material updated as soon as search engines change
  • Expert search engine guru tips and strategies
  • Search engine charts and guides 
  • Comes bundled with or without Web Position Gold Software  (Reg $12.00)

WebPosition™ is a rather unique software program that will provide you with valuable information about your rankings in the search engines and will inform you when those rankings change. However, before the program can "do its stuff," you have to "tweak" your website by analyzing it and making necessary changes in order to ensure its success, and for the program to be of maximum benefit to you.

Taking this tutorial and test driving the software show that you're serious about having a successful website, so now's the time to make some changes here and there to get your website placed in the top ten rankings in the engines and to keep it there. After you have had a chance to familiarize yourself with WebPosition Software we suggest that you purchase the full version.

The main difference between the workshop and the tutorial is that the latter includes limited facilitator interaction. You work at your own self- pace to achieve daily outcomes for a period of 7 or more days. Full interaction is enjoyed by participating in any one of 17 different online forums.


What Will You Get With this Tutorial?

You'll have access to a comprehensive tutorial on how to improve your ranking in the search engines in seven days. The tutorial includes special "feedback sections" at the end of each day,so you can make sure you're on the right track before proceeding.

The Search Engine Positioning Strategies Tutorial is a comprehensive and quick means of improving your rankings in the search engine. Certainly, all of the concepts covered in the Search Engine Positioning Strategies Workshop are also covered in the tutorial, plus more.

You'll receive up-to-date information on web positioning, additional resources on search engines and marketing techniques.


More About the Tutorial

Through WebPosition Gold and this tutorial, you'll be presented with a set of tools that you can use that will push your website down the road to success.

We'll provide you with the tools and curriculum you need, but remember that there's no guarantee that better placement will occur immediately.Depending on your website and the keywords you choose, you may have to spend more time tweaking your site before watching those rankings go slowly up.

With this tutorial, your course in web positioning can be geared to your own pace. Fit it into your busy schedule in the way it works best for you. By the end of the tutorial, you'll have the opportunity of seeing your page's position either increased to a higher ranking, or you'll at least be able to recognize how to tweak the system yourself.


Day 1

The tutorial begins with a brief introduction of the WebPostion software, search engines, and the "Secrets Report". This is a working practical turnkey system that will level the playing field! Students will look at all the strategies in the search positioning process with the best possible solutions for analyzing their web site and how people search on the web. This will help them determine why and how keywords play a major role in search engine positioning and why they are relevant to your site. 


Day 2

Now that you have compiled your keywords, you will study where and how to use them. You will dig deeper in "what makes the search engines work", and why you may not be positioned in the top 30. Factors that affect relevancy such as: site popularity, weight of keywords, keyword placement, etc. Everyone will have a clearer picture of what works. There will be tips, techniques, and resources for you to explore.


Day 3

What's in a name? Everything when it comes to a title. What about that description that will be seen by millions and strongly influence search engine placement. What about the rest of those meta tags? Meta tags are not any big secret, but you need to be aware of them and understand how they work. You will focus attention on these all important tags. 


Day 4

Many sites are entered into by "Doorway Pages" or "Gateway Pages". They act as alternate entrances to your site tailored to rank well on a particular engine. There are many reasons to use doorway pages and you will master the techniques in this tutorial. By the end of today you will have a high powered doorway page to submit with all the right ranking algorithm.


Day 5

In Day 5, you'll continue to build on the previous days' work while taking time to look at the sites that are ranked in the top ten. This is the time to analyze your competitors' HTML codes and study their setup and design, you'll gain valuable information to fine tune your site or doorway page. Why is this important? By looking and analyzing what others are doing, it will provide you with some additional tactics. Many of the tactics you will learn can make the difference and sky rocket you to the top 30.


Day 6

The student may ask is there more they can do to be in the top 10? Has everything been done that could be done? Where do you go from here? There will be a few final thoughts and pointers about WebPosition Gold and further resources the student may use to provide up to the minute information. In Day #6, we will have more additional tips on placement with some of the "new breed" of search engines and directories like Yahoo!


Day 7

This is your last Day of JER's tutorial. You should be well on your way to having all the tools to arm you with a web site that is capable of being in or close to the top. One more important technique that will be discussed is the importance of a website's popularity along with other winning and marketing strategies. So there you have it, your last Day.


Congratulations and welcome to the top!


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