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"A necessary course for people who want to optimize their website"

If you already have or are going to update the WP Gold, this is the perfect course.

"A week after the workshop. I am number 5 and 9 in AltaVista and looksmart I don't think I need to say anymore about the workshop."

James Williams

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Save time and money

It's a very easy tool

Shortcuts and Advice

WP Gold's techniques that you will nowhere else find

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Search engine online courses

JER GROUP, INC. 56 Seabreeze Way Dawsonville, GA. 30534 706-216-3406


Online Continuing Education Certification and Professional Training Accredited Through Coastal Carolina University

  • 6 comprehensive week-by-week lessons
  • Have your doorway page professionaly critiqued
  • Facilitator led interaction with certified online instructor *
  • Course material updated as soon as search engines change
  • Live student-to-professor weekly chat sessions on current search engine topics *
  • Expert search engine guru tips and strategies
  • Search engine charts and guides 
  • Comes bundled with or without Web Position Gold Software 
  • One year Free Course Updates *

    *  Only for the Workshop

Basic positioning strategies workshop or tutorial?
Which one Is right for you?

Basic Positioning Strategies Workshop or Tutorial? To be competitive on the Internet you have got to be in the top 30 of the top ranking search engines and directories. They are the one way that prospects can find your site. Don't underestimate what good positioning in the search engines can do for you. It has been estimated that up to 90 percent of all web site traffic comes from the major search engines. But, how do you go about doing that? How can you learn what to do to get your website ranked high in the engines? You can register for JER Group's Positioning Strategies Online Workshop or Tutorial and let an expert show you how to position your website in those most important engines.

The workshop comes packaged with or without WebPosition Gold, a software program by First Place Software. The program generates time-saving reports that will let you know your rankings in the engines and will inform you when those rankings change.

You can create doorway pages with Gold, analyze your web pages, compare your pages to your competition, and submit your pages to the engine--all with that one vital software program.

The course is offered in two formats--a comprehensive 6-week workshop where participants work one-on-one with an experienced facilitator to get their web sites boosted in the search engine rankings, or a 16-week tutorial where participants work on their own at their own pace in a self-directed, self-taught setting. You can literally work through the tutorial in as little as one week.

Students in the workshop have the opportunity to participate in the Web Position forums--17 in all--as well as an e-mail discussion list. From time to time as needed there will be e-mail informing them of the latest strategies in web positioning, information about the search engines themselves, and even general online marketing ideas. Upon completion of the workshop, students will be certified in web positioning skills and will earn University Continuing Education Credit.

How does the 6-week workshop work?

The 6-week workshop has definite starting and ending dates. Each week, participants are e-mailed a lesson and an assignment which they can complete at their leisure throughout the next seven days. Within the week, they'll turn in their homework assignment, and they're ready for the next lesson. As they turn in their homework, the facilitator answers questions and offers suggestions to make sure they're on the right track. As needed, the facilitator will visit class members' web pages, study the set up and source code, and offer additional suggestions to help boost the pages in the rankings.

How does the 16-week tutorial work?

The 16-week tutorial is self-directed and self-taught, and students can register and begin the tutorial at any time--it's not tied down to a certain starting date. With the tutorial format, students are presented with the lessons online at a password-protected area of the Web. They'll work on the lessons at their leisure, turning in the homework assignments as they go along. Because the tutorial is designed to be self-taught, students are presented with a series of questions at the end of every lesson that will make sure they're on the right track before beginning the next lesson. 

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